You’re the “CEO” of… WHAT?

If you’re using a personal page to promote your small business, you’re completely missing the boat! Invest 15 minutes and set up a Facebook page for your business! Set up a BUSINESS PAGE! If you’re using a personal page to promote your business, you look shady, and lazy. People want to do business with “legit” […]

Sharing Reviews From External Sites

One of best tools Small Business Owners can use, are the referrals from your customers. In general, society has become a bit skeptical and people usually want a second opinion before doing business with a company they’re unfamiliar with. It seems like everybody is a detective now days and doing research in now the norm! […]

Posting in Groups

Every day, I am amazed, bewildered, humored, and saddened by some of the things I see Small Business Owners do on Facebook. There seems be chaos and confusion amongst many of the small business owners that are suddenly posting in groups! I feel compelled to shine some common sense on this particular subject. Let’s say […]

Posting Using “The Rule of Thirds”

One of the biggest mistakes Small Business Owners make when posting to Facebook is repeatedly posting redundant images and text. IE: We sell pizza, we have pizza, here’s our pizza special, 2 pizzas for the price of one, blah, blah, blah. Granted, food photos have a better chance of getting attention and stopping the scroll, […]

You'll never realize how simple it is to do this.

The 3 Most Important Things About Facebook Reviews

Far too many Small Business Owners are NOT paying enough attention to their customers. I’m not talking about when they are actually at your place of business, I’m specifically talking about the great job you’ve done with them while they were there and the warm & fuzzy feeling they had when they left. You did a […]