Posting Using “The Rule of Thirds”

One of the biggest mistakes Small Business Owners make when posting to Facebook is repeatedly posting redundant images and text. IE: We sell pizza, we have pizza, here’s our pizza special, 2 pizzas for the price of one, blah, blah, blah. Granted, food photos have a better chance of getting attention and stopping the scroll, than…oh, let’s say, a pic of an air conditioning unit.
If you’re constantly posting similar pics and text, you’re NOT going to stand out, and your post (regardless of where you share them), are boring, unimaginative, not creative, and the people you’re trying to attract will just scroll right past them. That’s fact. You do it. I do it.
Before and after photos are great, but you’ve got to mix it up! How many of you stop scrolling to watch yet another video of some guy cleaning carpet? Redundant=boring
We’ve developed a strategy that works, because it mixes things up and keeps your followers entertained, engaged, and looking forward to your posts. If you can’t do that, you’re melting yourself into the crowd, and basically wasting your time posting!
No one wants to waste time, and everyone wants to see results, right?
Our methodology of posting using the Rule of thirds, is simple and keeps your followers’ attention.
One third of your posts should explain and/or describe either the products that you sell, or the service(s) you provide.
One third of your posts need to be relevant links. Relevant links means you’ll need to do a little research. For instance, if you’re in the HVAC business, find a link (on Google or wherever) on Money Saving Tips. (My favorite is the age-old question as to whether or not you should leave your ceiling fans on while you’re not home). THAT is interesting to people, and you’re providing them with good information. Be sure the link you share in your post is NOT from a competitor!
One third of your posts need to be aimed at getting “engagement” from your followers. Ask questions, use the Facebook POLL feature. Your questions should be relevant to current events, or local situations. Stay away from inducing “negative” responses from your followers. IE: “It sure is hot outside, this weather sucks, right?”. Ask good questions. Questions that encourage a positive response. IE: “What’s your favorite way of beating the summer heat?”
If you’re not getting much response from your questions, don’t take it personally. Stay consistent with posting and using the Rule of Thirds, and you’ll gradually get more engagement from your followers. Just be sure to stay away from politics, religion, race and gender issues.

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