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Facebook Marketing and Video


Having worked with so many small business owners over the years, we understand the resistance to change. We never tire of explaining why social media can no longer be ignored. We establish long-lasting relationships with our clients through open, honest communication, and providing 3 things to each and every one of them: quality work, great service, and affordable prices.


Our page management services offer clients two very nice rewards: Time and Piece of Mind. Time is a commodity to small business owners & time is money. You go run your business, and we’ll happily be in charge of sending you more customers. We’ll take managing your Facebook page completely off your plate, saving you time. We give you piece of mind knowing that your page is being managed properly (by professionals with years of experience and success) and with your success in mind. We’re diplomatic, friendly, professional, and we’ll show your customers some personality. We’re a little different in that respect. It’s because we actually care about you and your business success.

Facebook Marketing and Video
Facebook Marketing and Video


Our staff is never satisfied with mediocrity. The creativity, the drive to get results for our clients, and the enthusiasm for client success is unparalleled. Our employees are each hand- picked based on their individual experience, expertise and personal commitment to our “client first” culture. With decades of combined experience in reaching customers and attracting new business through social media, we know that persistence and creativity is essential.


Like you, we understand that time is precious, and you don't have it to waste on research, seminars, webinars, or some "how to" classes hosted by someone that never really made it in the business world. You don’t put up with the fake niceties and empty handshakes that go along with them. You’re the type that would prefer getting your information from people who have walked in your shoes, who have been in the trenches, who have rolled up their sleeves and went to work. You’re the cut-to-the-chase type that wants straight facts in plain English. We get that. Our customers are no-nonsense, and so are we. You’re going to enjoy our every conversation.

The Helmet Center
Going Places RV
McFall Tire & Auto
Cheers Tavern
Valley Marine Supply
Cylent Cycles
Divine Design Upholstery
YCC Logo
AZ Differential Specialists
Facebook Marketing and Video
Facebook Marketing and Video


At Knock Twice our promise is to provide a quality product and great service, at an affordable price. Our philosophy is simple; we wholeheartedly believe “good enough” usually isn’t, so we are consistent in our efforts to improve daily and we always raise our expectations of ourselves. Our educational material is always written in direct language, our explanations are well thought and thorough, and we strive to produce meaningful, useful information, strategies, and tools that any small business owner can easily put to immediate use. Our method of producing video advertisements is seamless, and our procedure is fast, fun, simple, and affordable. We maintain a professional yet fun and exciting work environment for our employees and they are always compensated fairly. We live by the rule that if we help enough other people get what they want, we'll get what we want.


Promoting your business doesn't have to be complicated. Knock Twice, LLC has developed more than one solution that will help drive customers to your small business. If you're not using all the tools available, the competition will crush you. Get in touch with us using the form below so we can begin to help you now!

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