The 3 Most Important Things About Facebook Reviews

You'll never realize how simple it is to do this.

Far too many Small Business Owners are NOT paying enough attention to their customers. I’m not talking about when they are actually at your place of business, I’m specifically talking about the great job you’ve done with them while they were there and the warm & fuzzy feeling they had when they left. You did a great job with them, they got to their car, or arrived somewhere and took the time to write a review of their experience with your business. It’s at that point, when many of you FAIL miserably! When one of your customers takes the time to write a review about you and your business, you MUST acknowledge them or you’re doomed! When you start ignoring your reviews, your customers are going to start ignoring you! Human beings have egos. Human beings inherently want to be acknowledged. Remember that. When a Facebook user sees that little red notification bubble, they feel a sense of importance. Yea, I know, it sounds stupid but it’s true.

So here’s the thing…. When one of your customers takes a few moments to write a review of their experience with your company, you need to acknowledge it! If you take the lazy route & just click the thumbs up icon, you’re a schmuck. Doing that only proves that you saw their review. Anyone could just click that stupid thumbs up button. Don’t be a schmuck . You need to take a moment and show that person that they matter. Show them that they are appreciated. Go ahead & click the thumbs up or heart icon, but write them a quick little thank you note. It only needs to be one or two short sentences.  That’s it! You’re GOLD! Make sure each reply is personalized to the review writer, and you’ll be amazed at the loyalty you’ll gain from that customer! That person will now feel like part of the family! He/she will now become a spokesperson for your company and send you referrals. On the other hand, if you lazily just click the thumbs up or heart icon & don’t write a personal note, the warm & fuzzy feeling they felt earlier, is all gone. They won’t really go out of their way to refer anyone to you, because they feel snubbed.

When it comes to negative or unsatisfactory reviews, that’s a whole new story. Some business owners want to run and hide from them. Some want to ban that person from their Facebook page. Neither of those are a good idea. It’s actually a very bad idea. When I personally, see a not-so-good review on someone’s page, I am most interested in the owner’s response. Let’s face it, NO ONE is going to have 5 Stars on every review. Granted, a lot of unsatisfactory reviews are written by generally good people, having a shitty day. Some might have a bit of legitimacy, so take the criticism and make some adjustments. Never run or ignore bad reviews. Instead, use them as an opportunity for you to shine! Respond (don’t react) and maintain diplomacy in your response. You’ll be surprised at how easy it really is, to get that person turned around. Don’t get into a pissin’ match. It’s not worth it and you’ll lose every time. REMEMBER: Your reply is not only to address the concerns or dissatisfaction of the bad review writer, it’s for everyone else to see! Take a deep breath, you’ll be fine!

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