Sharing Reviews From External Sites

One of best tools Small Business Owners can use, are the referrals from your customers. In general, society has become a bit skeptical and people usually want a second opinion before doing business with a company they’re unfamiliar with. It seems like everybody is a detective now days and doing research in now the norm! Embrace that! The best way to benefit from curious folk “investigating” your business, is to take your positive reviews straight to them!
Make it easy for them to see and read the great reviews on your business! Sure, some of them will click on the reviews tab on your Facebook page, some of them will look you up on Yelp or Google. But why count on them doing that? You’ve got great reviews, so you need to put those 5 Stars and kind words in front of everyone!
We’ve developed a strategy that works, because it mixes things up and keeps your followers entertained, engaged, and looking forward to your posts. If you can’t do that, you’re melting yourself into the crowd, and basically wasting your time posting!
We highly advise (after you’ve personally “thanked” the people that write reviews on your Facebook page, to share those reviews directly to your page. (You just saved your page visitors ONE click)
What many Small Business Owners don’t realize, is that when you go to your business reviews on Yelp, and hover your cursor near the name of the person that wrote you a review, a SHARE box appears!
Yelp has made it very easy to directly share your reviews to your Facebook page. All you need to do is click SHARE on FACEBOOK and a box window opens up in the top left corner of your browser. (By the way, do this on a laptop or PC. It’s a royal page on a mobile device)
Simply click to share it on your business page (the option of where you want to share in up on the top),
Add a few thank you notes and share directly to your business page! It’s THAT easy.
Google on the other hand, is a little bit more work.
First, do a Google image search for: Google 5 Star Review LOGO. Choose one of the results and save it to your computer as a .JPG image. Next, go to your Google reviews and choose the review you want to put on your page. Copy the text of the review and include the name of the person that wrote it.
Go back to the Google 5 Star image you saved open it in your favorite photo editing program and paste the copied text below it. Make sure the layout looks good, adjust the text size, resize the overall image, and save it. Bang. You’re done. Now you can simply post it to your Facebook page like any other post! Be sure you include some thanks to the author & publish it!

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