You’re the “CEO” of… WHAT?

If you’re using a personal page to promote your small business, you’re completely missing the boat! Invest 15 minutes and set up a Facebook page for your business! Set up a BUSINESS PAGE!

If you’re using a personal page to promote your business, you look shady, and lazy. People want to do business with “legit” companies. Go spend $35 dollars and get your business license in order. When you file a DBA, it’s so incredibly simple and inexpensive, you’ll be surprised. Contact your local City Hall, or get the local details online. (You’ll be glad you did and all of the sudden, PRESTO! You’re REAL!) Stop faking it. If you’re not willing to be “above board” with your business, very few will ever take you seriously and you’re fake business is never going to amount to much….

Additionally, I have something else to get off my mind here….Every single day, I see an incredible amount of non-sense on Facebook personal profiles. It’s utterly amazing how many people still think the “Fake-It-Til-Ya-Make-It” thing actually works! If you’re whole game is to try to trick people into thinking that you are “all that” (or whatever you call it), you’ve already lost the game! Never in history has it been more important to be forthright. Remember that word? It means being HONEST. being credible, and being straight-forward. In today’s age, everyone is a detective. They’ll “investigate” you by checking you out & you won’t even know it! I think perhaps the majority of people can “come clean” by simply adding the word “aspiring” in front of that CEO label you’ve so proudly given yourself. Be honest with your prospects. Honesty will never go out of style!

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