Facebook BOOT CAMP for Owner/Operator Pizza Shops

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SAVE 50% RIGHT NOW on Roland Mc New’s Facebook Video Training Course For Pizza Shops!

Our Facebook BOOT CAMP Video Training Course is produced exclusively for Owner/Operator Pizza Shops. This video training program gives you REAL WORLD strategies, including the secrets and methodology we’ve developed, and perfected over the last decade of helping Family Owned Pizza Shops across the United States! You’ll gain insight and knowledge from our hands-on experience with pizza shop owners just like you!

“My training videos will teach you how to turn your Facebook page into a sales magnet for your pizza shop, or I’ll give you YOUR MONEY BACK! It’s just that simple!”

Roland Mc New – Facebook for Small Business Specialist / Founder, Knock Twice, LLC




If you’re a local, family owned & operated pizza shop owner, you have TONS of competition! (You already knew that, right?)

Here’s the thing… Unless you have something that is so out of the ordinary and out of this world special, you have about a 6 to 10 mile radius for customers. That’s it!

Having said that, posting on Facebook is not only the best way to reach your existing & potential customers, it’s crucial to your success! The problem most small business owners have is coming up with GREAT CONTENT. Look, you’re in the food business. GREAT CONTENT for you is easy! You (unlike non-food related businesses, have an opportunity to make their mouth water! We’ll teach you how!

Knowing WHAT to post, WHEN to post, and how to differentiate YOUR pizza shop from all the others in your area, is THEE single most important factor for your success on Facebook.

Having managed, coached or trained hundreds of family-owned pizza shops, we know exactly how & what you need to do to bring more customers to your door and on your phone! We’ll teach you how to build loyalty from customers, get them to SHARE your posts with THEIR friends, write 5 Star reviews, and reach more people with your posts.

Our Facebook BOOT CAMP for Owner/Operator Pizza Shops isn’t based on bullsh*t theories about what “might” work; it’s based on our 10 years of REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE helping owner/operator pizza shops get results from Facebook. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The things you’ll learn (the things we’re going to TEACH you) will help you get GREAT RESULTS and INCREASE YOUR SALES or I’ll give you your money back! No joke!

Since nobody has ever said: “I want to spend 2 hours watching a training video”, we’ve broken down this 5 Star information into seventeen easy to implement instructional videos that won’t put you to sleep!  You’ll learn step-by-step from each 5 to 8 minute video.

You can go back & review each topic individually, without wasting time (looking through a 2 hour video) for the help topic you need at the time!

Get in on this exclusive offer right NOW (before the pizza shop down the street from you does) and we’ll throw in our Small Business Pro-Pack  for FREE!










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