Affiliate Terms

Welcome to the K2X Affiliate Marketer Program

Knock Twice is a Social Media-Facebook small business consulting company serving the United States. Knock Twice offers and the most reliable educational information in the social media industry. With over 10 years of experience, we know how to provide the best in customer care while offering a variety of options that best suit your individual needs to get you the best exposure for your small business to boost sales.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue providing the best services and information for Small Business Owners, at affordable monthly fees to our members. We will continue to set the standard for quality Facebook page management and educational materials in the social media industry. Our winning culture defines the attitudes and behaviors that will be required of us to make our vision a reality. By constantly listening to our clients and members, we’re able to quickly adapt to changes in the industry and constantly improve our educational materials and video training program of useful services.

We’re always striving to help Small Business Owners boost sales and maximize profits.

Exhibit A

  1. Placement of advertisements and referral methods for the Company are at the sole discretion of the Affiliate Marketer. However, in order to solicit sales, the Affiliate Marketer shall not make promises or issue any warranty either expressed or implied pertaining to the goods or services offered by the Company or potential earnings for becoming a Affiliate Marketer, unless authorized in writing by the Company to do so.
  2. The Affiliate Marketer may make use of the Company’s trademarks for the sole purpose of promoting the Company’s goods or services. Any such use shall be in accordance with the Company’s trademark policies. It is expressly understood that this referral agreement does not grant the Affiliate Marketer any interest in the Company’s trademarks or any other intellectual property rights.
  3. The relationship between the parties shall at all times be that of independent contractors. No employment, partnership or joint venture relationship is formed by this referral agreement and at no time may the Affiliate Marketer position itself as affiliated to the Company, except as an independent referrer. In view of this independent relationship the Affiliate Marketer shall not enter into any agreements on behalf of the Company, shall make no warranty either expressed or implied on behalf of the Company and shall not incur any expenses on behalf of the Company.
  4. This referral agreement does not grant exclusive rights to the Affiliate Marketer  to act as referrer on behalf of the Company and the Affiliate Marketer shall have no rights under any other agreements entered into by the Company with other Agents.
  5. The Affiliate Marketer agrees not to disclose any confidential information pertaining to the Company’s goods or services nor that of prospective or existing customers to any third party. The  Affiliate Marketer may do follow-up enquiries with its referred customers to confirm their purchase and to gather feedback about their experience with the Company’s goods or services as supplied.
  6. Each party shall indemnify, defend and hold the other party (and any other relation to the other party) harmless against any and all claims of whatsoever nature arising from misrepresentation, default, misconduct, failure to perform or any other act related to this agreement.

The Parties agree to the following:

  1. Services to Be Performed
    Affiliate Marketer agrees to perform the services described in Exhibit A, which is attached to this Agreement.
  2. Referral Commissions
    1. The referral fee shall be calculated at 100 % of the (first month) membership fee for goods or services sold by the Company as a direct result of the Affiliate Marketer’s efforts. Beginning on month 2 (and continuing throughout the customer membership) the Affiliate Marketer will also receive a residual commission of $9 (U.S.) on monthly membership fees paid to Company from each of their initial membership sales.
    2. All commissions due to Affiliate Marketer for completed membership sales and residual commissions, shall be paid to Affiliate Marketer via PayPal (unless other arrangements are agreed upon). The pay period begins at 12:01 am (MST) on Sundays and continues up to midnight (MST) on Saturdays. The Affiliate Marketer shall be paid on the following Wednesday of each week.


  3. Expenses
    Affiliate Marketer shall be responsible for all expenses incurred while performing services under this Agreement. This includes automobile, truck, and other travel expenses; vehicle maintenance and repair costs; vehicle and other license fees and permits; insurance premiums; road, fuel, and other taxes; fines; radio, pager, or cell phone expenses; meals; and all salary, expenses, and other compensation paid to employees or contract personnel the Referring Partner hires to complete the work under this Agreement.
  4. Vehicles and Equipment
    Affiliate Marketer will furnish all vehicles, equipment, tools, and materials used to provide the services required by this Agreement.
  5. Independent Contractor Status
    Affiliate Marketer is an independent contractor, and neither  Affiliate Marketer nor Affiliate Marketer ’s employees or contract personnel are, or shall be deemed, Company’s employees. In its capacity as an independent contractor,  Affiliate Marketer agrees and represents, and Company agrees, as follows:

    1.  Affiliate Marketer has the right to perform services for others during the term of this Agreement.
    2. Affiliate Marketer has the sole right to control and direct the means, manner, and method by which the services required by this Agreement will be performed.
    3.  Affiliate Marketer’s shall select the routes taken, starting and quitting times, days of work, and order the work is performed.
    4. Neither Affiliate Marketer nor Affiliate Marketer ’s employees or contract personnel shall be required by Company to devote full time to the performance of the services required by this Agreement.
  6. Business Licenses, Permits, and Certificates
    Affiliate Marketer represents and warrants that Affiliate Marketer  will comply with all federal, state, and local laws requiring drivers and other licenses, business permits, and certificates required to carry out the services to be performed under this Agreement.
  7. State and Federal Taxes
    Company will not:

    • withhold FICA (Social Security and Medicare taxes) from Affiliate Marketer ‘s payments or make FICA payments on Affiliate Marketer’s behalf
    • make state or federal unemployment compensation contributions on  Affiliate Marketer ‘s behalf, or
    • withhold state or federal income tax from  Affiliate Marketer’s payments.

    Affiliate Marketer shall pay all taxes incurred while performing services under this Agreement—including all applicable income taxes and, if  Affiliate Marketer is not a corporation, self-employment (Social Security) taxes. Upon demand,  Affiliate Marketer shall provide Company with proof that such payments have been made.

  8. Fringe Benefits
    Affiliate Marketer understands that neither Affiliate Marketer nor Affiliate Marketer ‘s employees or contract personnel are eligible to participate in any employee pension, health, vacation pay, sick pay, or other fringe benefit plan of Company.
  9. Unemployment Compensation
    Company shall make no state or federal unemployment compensation payments on behalf of Affiliate Marketer  or Affiliate Marketer ‘s employees or contract personnel.  Affiliate Marketer will not be entitled to these benefits in connection with work performed under this Agreement.
  10. Workers’ Compensation
    Company shall not obtain workers’ compensation insurance on behalf of Affiliate Marketer or Affiliate Marketer ’s employees.
  11. Insurance
    Company shall not provide insurance coverage of any kind for Affiliate Marketer or  Affiliate Marketer’s employees or contract personnel.
  12. Indemnification
    Affiliate Marketer shall indemnify and hold Company harmless from any loss or liability arising from performing services under this Agreement.
  13. Term of Agreement
    Either party may terminate this referral agreement at any time by giving the other party ten (10) days prior written notice. Upon termination by either party all outstanding referral fees due to the Agent at that time shall be settled in full within thirty (30) days.  Affiliate Marketer must maintain an active, paid membership (at all times), to be eligible for any/all commissions offered by Company. Upon termination by either party any/all future residual commissions to the Affiliate Marketer will be immediately forfeited.

This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and any alteration must be in writing and signed by both parties. By checking the box on the affiliate signup form, I certify that I have read, understand, and agree with the terms and conditions of this entire agreement.